Asbestos Tidbit for October

Hello All!!!   The “fall” is here!!   looking at more comfortable temperatures?  look at Minot (someplace up nawth) it is 21 degrees!  fugetthabotit!!!  I love the heat!!!!
On with the tid-bit… There are two inspection types that result in the identification of asbestos containing materials. The one that we all learned from the initial class was all about the Ahera school inspection. Remember?  Probably not… The Ahera inspection was all about the Identification, location, footage, and the overall condition of the material.(physical assessment )
The Ahera report, when finished would be presented to the Management Planner who in turn would act upon the materials after converting the “Physical assessment” to the  “Hazard assessment” and then applying grease to the squeakiest wheels by application of EERRO. Any asbestos not removed would be involved in a Plan held by the local LEA and kept under periodic surviellance.
The OTHER inspection is one hardly mentioned but today is the root of many problems the contractor or owner incur when renovating or demolishing their property.
This Inspection is completed in compliance with the Federal NESHAP @ 61.145 and requires the owner or operator of a reno or demo to THOURHOUGHLY inspect the premises for the presence of asbestos containing materials including Cat 1 and Cat 2 nonfriables.
The Ahera and Neshap inspections need to be kept apart… The management planner is NOT a part of the Neshap. So why put the asbestos found into a plan ?? The Planner is NOT a mandated part of the public or commercial building unless the owner chooses to follow the Ahera Protocol.
Anything here not fully understood?? U need to call me or come on down to a refresher.
Make the refresher easier U can take it “On-Line ” at and select from our menu.
Seeya in class!!! stay warm!!   Vern

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