Token of Trust

Asbestos Online Training is required to verify student identity to be compliant with various state laws regarding on-line training. Unfortunately this process, when activated, is not optional. In order to protect your information and make the process as easy as possible we use Token of Trust®.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you need my I.D.?
A: To verify your identity to be compliant with the State of Tennessee’s EVEA Requirement

Q: How should I send my I.D. to you?
A: You can expect to receive an email invitation from our team via Token of Trust. Within the email, there will be a link where you can safely capture, upload, and verify your ID and selfie. In order to keep your sensitive information private, please do not transfer your ID to us via email.

Q: Is my identity data safe?
A: One of the reasons we use Token of Trust is to ensure your data is kept private. Token of Trust is compliant with the most stringent international data privacy laws including GDPR and CCPA. Your data is uniquely encrypted and stored in the cloud using standards that exceed those required for the banking industry. Your identity data is also automatically deleted upon meeting the duration required by law.

Q: Do I need a scanner?
A: No. If you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone with camera on it, you can take a photo of the Government Issued Photo ID in the web browser during the ID scanning process.

Q: Can I use my phone to take and upload the photos?
A: Yes. If your phone has a camera on it, we encourage you to use it for taking photos and submitting them to us.

Q: How do you take a good picture of an ID?
A: Please frame the entire document in a well-lit environment with sharp focus. We do recommend turning off the flash, as it adds glare to the image.

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