Asbestos Tidbid for January

Hello All, WOW!! The New Year is here… Lettuce hope everyone has a happy and prosperous new year!!

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On with the tidbit… When is a respirator needed?? What respirator to use? What Osha classification of work are we doing?, What are the “expected fiber counts for this work?

Complex? No not if you know how Osha is stepped. Step one, Win the job, step two, Classify the job, (class one,two ,three or four under Osha 1926.1101 ). Step three, ascertain what the fiber counts will be after installing the necessary engineering controls, Step four, now select your respirator.

Understand there is an exception here…

For class one work and NO negative exposure assessment up front and the fiber counts are expected to be at 1 F/CC or LESS, you MUST be in the PAPR. (minimum).

For class one work and again no NEA, and the counts are expected to be above 1 f/cc you need to be in the Type C PP,PD with an auxiliary tank on hip at a minimum .

Take a look at the MUC for each respirator and apply the one that fits for other classifications of work.

For instance, Class three work and the F/cc is less than 1 the 1/2 face will work very well.

For class two work that will generate a fiber count above 5 f/cc you need to be in the PAPR. What class two work will do this? Ceiling tiles will generate enormous counts. You need to know the material you are about to disturb and take all the information about it into context.

Anything here NOT understood?? You need to come to a class or visit and take one or more of our courses!! We now have the Supervisor, Inspector, Planner and Project Designer, either way on-line or in the classroom

Happy New Year!!

Vern & Vern Jr.

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