Asbestos Tidbid for February

Hello All!! be glad and thankful we are NOT shoveling 24 inches of additional “Partly Cloudy” from our walkways.

snow photo

On with the tidbit!

The Inspector is out and about conducting a survey. The edifice is about to undergo a massive  renovation.

The edifice is NOT a school building, rather a large apartment complex, built in the early sixties.
What protocol (s) does he fall under?

There are three concerns here… first is the Neshap @ 61.145 which states the owner or operator will have the building inspected for the presence of asbestos and will include Cat 1 and Cat two non friable materials, Prior to the reno.

The second concern is OSHA @ 1926.1101.(H) while taking the samples as per the (third) Ahera Protocol,should he be wearing a respirator??

OSHA classifies sample taking as Class 3 work and to be exempt from wearing a respirator/protective clothing he MUST have a Negative Exposure Assessment for all the materials he is about to sample. Even the non friable? No, only for the friable materials that will be disturbed. Unless the non-friable has become friable. Non-friable material such as floor tiles or roofing materials are easily sampled with a sharp instrument that will CLEAVE into the material and not create dust.

Osha is clear at 1926.1101 (H) on who needs to be in a respirator and when the need it…. Lettuce follow their rules and play it safe….

Anything above not understood? call my cell and book a refresher or go to and take the Refreshers U need On-Line!!!

How about the chips off the old block!!! Vern Jr., my eldest son, just passed his State Abestos Contractor’s test.

My youngest son Stephen,was just selected as Principal to the school he is teaching K-12 ….

Tis a proud day for the Old Man

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