Asbestos Tidbit for April

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Hello All, This tidbit is for the  Ahera Supervisor, Ahera Designer and Florida’s LAC.
Usually I make mention of a regulation pertaining to our work. This tidbit is a bit different..It is a question for all of the above mentioned.
On to the question;  The Built up asphaltic/bituminous roof is over 6 thousand square feet, It surveyed out at 7% asbestos (yes, Ed P. the necessary # of samples were taken) and it is in good condition.The building will be demolished.
Using the “RB cutter” the abatement contractor says he will put a certain amount of the asbestos waste into a “Neshap approved ” and the rest can go to a construction debris landfill… What is What here?? Can he do this??
Immediate responders will be told the correct answer according to the current federal regulation.
Answers for the lollygaggers will appear in next month’s tidbit. 
The On-Line refreshers are up and running …here they are; The Supervisor, Inspector,Planner, and Designer Refreshers all can be taken On-Line …just visit and select from the menu.
Thanks and seeya in class Vern and Vern Jr.


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