Asbestos Tidbit for February

Hello All… I asked my son who lives up north what the weather was like, he replied briefly, ” I see” icy snow… To wit I replied,” I see” Pelicans and Palm trees,
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On with the tidbit

The OSHA TWA, (time weighted average) is based on the work day for people under the OSHA protocols of CFR 1926.1101 and CFR 1910.1001. These asbestos standards have a permissible exposure rate to asbestos. (.01 fibers per cubic centimeter of air for an 8 hour time weighted average.)

You know I will explain so here it is: At the start of a job the competent person will assess what the people removing the asbestos will be up against. From that assessment (prior or at the initiation of the project ) the CP will study past removals that closely resemble this job and carefully calculate what respiratory protection will be needed for this job.

For Class 1 jobs he may have a negative exposure assessment from previous jobs but this assessment may not be more than 1 year old.

So he starts the job, lettuce say in a PAPR as he concluded (according to OSHA 1926.1101) that the expected fiber counts will be at or less than 1 fiber per cubic centimeter of air for ALL tasks inside as an 8 hour time weighted average, and his ‘Negative Exposure Assessment” from previous jobs cannot fit here.

This tidbit will conclude next month. If ya need an answer as to how the TWA is checked, come on down for a refresher or take one online. Yes On Line!

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