Asbestos Tidbit for January

Hello All,

Here we are with a new year in front of us. How about setting a goal to improve our lot over last year? Good idea! Lettuce do it…roll up the sleeves and get to work and don’t be afraid to dig in!!. The Spartans never asked what the enemy’s strength was, rather they asked WHERE are they!

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On with the tidbit.

The Project Designer has been around in schools since 1986. In 1992, the ASHARA Amendment to AHERA elevated this position to written designed projects beyond the school and into the public and commercial sector. The Designer will write the specs based in Friable asbestos, and jobs other than SSSD activities. SSSD = Small Scale Short Duration activities. As always, Questions are cheerfully and professionally answered…Ya need to ask!!

VRET offers the Initial Project Designer with Refresher also the Supervisor Initial with Refresher. The Inspector Initial and Refresher, the Management Planner and Refresher and the Worker Refresher. Visit and select from the menu. Don’t have the time to come on down for a refresher? Look at what else we offer!!


Go to Asbestos Refreshers Online via this site, We are offering the Supervisor Refresher, Inspector Refresher and coming soon the Management Planner Refresher. ON-LINE!!

Yes, come to my classes and see for yourself…The ON-LINE courses are here and we are first in Florida to offer these to you! Eat, drink, think, sleep. Asbestos Refreshers ON- LINE!

Do us a big favor and help us spread the word. Asbestos Refreshers Online, then go to Thanks and have a prosperous, safe, healthy 2013


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