Asbestos Tidbid for April

Hello All!!  After almost 6 years at the same location in Treasure Island we have moved the classroom to a  New location.
 florida photo
Follow the  “Yellow Brick Road”  to “Emerald City Comic Book” store at the corner of 49th street and 113th Avenue… U really cannot miss it there is a HUGE sign on the south side of 49th and at the corner of 113th Emerald City…clear across the county….closer to Tampa
On with the tidbit… Here are a few numbers that you all should have an interest in, but first
Lettuce congratulate the newest LAC to the fold! Mona J. has studied  all the regs and passed the State of Florida test for Licensed Asbestos Consultant!!   (VRET’s study guide, a tome of 800+ multiple choice questions was a help)
EPA’s clean air = .01 f/cc
Osha’s @ 1926.1101 P.E.L.= .1 f/cc as 8 hour TWA
Osha’s @ 1926.1101 E.L.= 1 f/cc over a 30 minute period
Osha’s @ 1926.1101 the 25/10 rule for class 1 work = Hygiene Facilities  (J) are included in the D-con.
Osha’s @ 1910.134 For QNFT with 1/2 mask the minimum # must achieve 100 or more. for the F/Face, the # must achieve 500 or more to pass.QLFT is Pass/fail, no #s
Keep in mind Osha @ 1926.1101 defines “PACM”, and the word “INTACT”(among others)
EPA, Neshap @ 61.141 defines “Adequately Wet”, “Friable”, ” RACM”,and “Poor condition.  (among others)
EPA, Neshap. @61.145, Formal Notification is 10 working days in advance of the projects start date.
EPA Neshap @61.141 defines cat 1 NF and cat 2 NF(among others)
Ahera @ 763 defines Significantly Damaged, Damaged and Good.( among others)
EPA Neshap @ 61.145= square linear and cubic footage of RACM that MUST be notified on if exceeding these amounts 160 sq, 260 linear or 35 cubic feet.
EPA Neshap @ appendix A (the roofing section of the Neshap) 5,580 square feet when using the “R/B Cutter….. This is the Threshold Amount .Below this amount U can use whatever method to remove the roof it is NOT regulated by the Federal Neshap… (Always a good Idea to check the local county DEP if they differ)
Anything above not fully understood?? You may need a refresher,  give us a call at 727-385-4213 and make the arrangements…we are fully accommodating and MOST knowledgeable about these matters… plus we make it fun!!… Supervisor, Inspector, Planner, Designer, Respiratory Protection  (Initials and refreshers)
 Visit or visit and sign into refreshers On-Line! either way you will receive the best training from our Florida, and Tennessee certified staff.
Thanks and see ya in Class!!  Vern Sr and Vern Jr
Vern Roberts Environmental Training
Service Connected Disabled Veteran ,SDVOSB
Classroom ,10681 Gulf Blvd Treasure Island Florida, 33706
Phone 727-593-3067, Cell, 727-385-4213,
Fax 727-517-4111
Ahera Asbestos Classes when you want them!!
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