Asbestos Tidbit for November

We recently gathered for a family dinner during the holidays… Gram and I  sat with the children at a separate table set up in my son’s dining room… the youngest Mary Kate, aged 3 stuck her index finger out towards her Grammy with a bit of stuff on it.  Gram picked it off with her fingers and asked what is this, To which the baby replied… “It was in my nose”…..
On with the tidbit;  The Inspector takes the samples predicated on the “Homogeneous Area” found in the “Functional Space”.. needless to say the school building (K-12) offers the inspection that will be a review today of what has been inspected since 1987.
The Inspector will look for any changes that may have occurred in the previously inspected materials in addition to any renovations or new construction that went on since the last inspection..(among other things)
On the other hand, the Neshap inspection prior to the demo or reno of the edifice is the one that is all encompassing of either the affected area or the entire building as in a complete demolition.
The results of the Neshap inspection will detail where the suspect materials are and along with the lab report note the type and percent of asbestos in the materials. In addition, the square lineal or cubic footage will be noted.
Hey!!! the Project Designer Refresher was just approved by DBPR’s Auditor and we are awaiting the formal letter… here are the Refresher courses we offer;
Ahera Supervisor
Ahera Building Inspector
Ahera Management Planner
Ahera Project Designer or will get U there…


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