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AHERA Building Inspector Annual Refresher


Florida Provider #0005406

Length: 4 Hours | Course Number: 0006359
Available in EPA MAP states FL, TN & VA and by reciprocity in AZ, NM, IA, CO, WY, NJ, SD, KY, PA

This course is presented by

Asbestos Online Training, LLC
17452 2nd Street E
Redington Shores, Florida, 33708

Verification Processing Fee $9.95
Total Payable Amount $134.95


In order to qualify for this course, you must have a valid AHERA BUILDING INSPECTOR INITIAL TRAINING or ANNUAL REFRESHER certificate.  A copy of this certificate must be emailed or faxed to this training provider for verification PRIOR to receiving your new refresher certificate. Again, while you may take this course prior to submittal and verification of your existing certification, you will NOT receive your new certificate prior to such submittal and verification

AHERA Building Inspector Refresher Course Modules:

AHERA Certification Orientation Course
This course is a prepratory course required by all learners prior to taking the AHERA courses.

SECTION A: Background Information on Asbestos
SECTION B: Health Effects Related to Asbestos Exposure
SECTION C: Functions/Qualifications and Role of Inspectors
SECTION D: Legal Liabilities of Building Inspectors
SECTION E: Understanding Building Systems
SECTION F: Public/Employee/Building Occupant Relations
SECTION G: Pre-Inspection Planning and Review of Previous Inspection Records
SECTION H: Inspecting for Friable and Non-Friable ACM and Condition Assessing
SECTION I: Bulk Sampling
SECTION J: Personal Protective Equipment
SECTION K: Record Keeping and Report Writing
SECTION L: Regulatory Review

FINAL EXAM: AHERA Building Inspector Refresher
This is the final exam for the AHERA Building Inspector Annual Refresher course. Participants must score 70% on this exam in order to pass. You will have only two opportunities to pass this exam.

Click here for course instructions.

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