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Any browser can be used for the Building Inspector Refresher and the Contractor Supervisor Refresher classes, such as Google Chrome.

The Management Planner, Project Designer and Worker Refresher (English) require FLASH, and Google Chrome does not support FLASH (without manual setup). Please use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer for these classes.

The easiest way to get to the class log in page is to go to

Then, from the list of classes on the right, select the class you registered for, and on the next page the log-in button is on the upper right.

When you finish the class, please email us to let us know at

We will need a copy of your current certificate before we can issue the new cert; please email it to:

During the class, you may receive an email from Token of Trust, our identity verifier. They are a third party company. You will need a timestamped photo of yourself and a copy of your drivers license for identification.  We do not see or keep this info. It is required by a number of States to insure that the student signing up is the student taking the class.

Thank you, and, as always, if there are any issues text Erik, our IT specialist at 727-307-2253.

Thank you,
Asbestos Online Training, LLC

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